1. CONSISTENT AND CONSTANT SANITATION – All equipment, workstations, vehicles, surfaces and hands are sanitized immediately upon contamination and at regular 30 minute intervals facilitated by a timer.
  2. SANITATION STATIONS – We have empowered our VILLAGERs to protect themselves if they wish by providing hand sanitizer on all tables and sanitizer spray and paper towels for tables and chairs.
  3. CLOSED SOCIAL CIRCLE – The VILLAGE People that have been activated have been mandated to keep a tight social circle. Only our most trusted people get the privilege of serving our VILLAGERs right now.
  4. ZERO TOLERANCE – If VILLAGE People exhibit ANY signs of sickness, they are not permitted to come to work. If VILLAGERs exhibit ANY signs of sickness they will be refused service.
  5. ZONE SYSTEM – We work a zone system in our workplace to prevent cross contamination. Wherever possible we limit the possibility of exposure, including BOH changing into and out of uniform shirts upon arrival and departure from work.
  6. THOROUGH + CONSTANT HANDWASHING – We sing the ABC song twice…and make it sound good!
  7.  COMMON SENSE – Do the right thing. Always! Maintain physical distancing whenever possible.
  8. ACCOUNTABILITY – We hold each other accountable to the V-CODE!
  9. VIGILANCE – We are on constant high alert to maintain a low risk work environment.
  10. VIHA – We continue to maintain the policies that have been mandated to us by the Island Health Authority. We have actively engaged our local Health Inspectors to review our V-CODE and ensure our spaces exceed their expectations.
  11. MASKS- We wear masks to protect each other and our guests. We put on a mask upon  arrival at work and keep it on for the duration of the day unless eating or drinking. If socially distancing can be maintained while cleaning at the end of the day, we can remove our masks. When removing masks, we place them in a plastic bag for storage.
  12. CONTACT TRACING – We contact trace in accordance with the CDC guidelines. Every delivery driver, every staff member, every guest gets recorded upon entry to our establishments.